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Nobody is fully prepared for unexpected disasters, whether its fire or flood, although when the worst happens it is our basic needs that rise to the top. Often what we take for granted, such as food shelter and clothing becomes an immediate necessity. This is where Brightleaf Textile Restoration comes in. We are textile restoration experts and we work side-by-side with the homeowner, insurance adjusters and the restoration contractors to do our part in bringing back a sense of comfort and security.

Who is Brightleaf?

Brightleaf Textile Restoration, is a textile and soft content cleaning and restoration company. We have been cleaning contents for over 37 years, in servicing the Northern California region. We are locally owned and operated with a loyal staff, operating multiple locations throughout the region. We offer services to clean and restore contents in loss mitigation, from start to finish. As we begin with damaged contents inside your home, to full inventory, cleaning and restoration, storage, and then final delivery back to you

How can Brightleaf help?

Brightleaf Textile Restoration, is here to help rebuild! We are notified of a loss to assist with the cleaning of the soft contents in your home, after damages of many kinds. We arrive on-site, assist you in determining items that should be removed and restored, and make sure they are well documented. We have trained technicians to properly pack and remove items from your home. As we return to our plant, we process a full inventory of all the contents gathered. Once inventory is completed, an invoice for cleaning is prepared and submitted to your claim adjuster for approval to begin. We are always sure to communicate with both you and your adjuster, to be certain everyone is on the same page of the claim, and the proper approval has been received. Upon approval, the deodorization and cleaning process begins. This process can take approximately 4-6 weeks unless otherwise discussed. In the event a quicker timeline is needed, we review and accommodate. In the meantime of processing your items, and you are in need of immediate clothing, we are able to process a rush cleaning for all members in the home. At the time of pack out, our technician will review this service with you, help you gather items that are needed, review the processing time, generally a couple of days (based on the severity of the loss), and plan to schedule the return of items, to any address as directed. As the cleaning process is completed, all items are packaged and prepared for return, the customer is notified, and we then move into completion. Based on your direction, we either plan to return the cleaned items to your home, or we plan to store the items, at our on-site, climate controlled storage facility. Storage is billed with the claim process, and costs are determined based on the volume of items being stored.

The Brightleaf Process


Photo documentation of all soft contents removed, and Xactimate manifest to document all items for cleaning, and accuracy of processing.

Total Loss Inventory

Photo Documentation, and spreadsheet format of all items deemed a total loss. The spreadsheet is created to assist you in assessing valuation for items needing to be replaced. Also known as the non-salvageable process.

Virtual Closet

Once inventory is completed, we are able to provide a link to a cloud-based photographic library of all your belongings in our possession. We provide a login and password for your use to search and view your inventory, both cleanable and non-salvaged items.

Deodorization & Cleaning

Proper ozone treatment to break the odor, cleaning includes; hand clean/specialty items, bulk laundry, and dry clean methods. Based on each garment and care label, we determine which method of cleaning is best, to ensure the integrity of the garment.

Partial Delivery Services

Photo Documentation, and spreadsheet format of all items deemed a total loss. The spreadsheet is created to assist you in assessing valuation for items needing to be replaced. Also known as the non-salvageable process.

Storage & Delivery

Based on the timeline of the cleaning process, and the needed repairs at your home, we will plan to store your items, until you are ready for their return. Or we arrange for the delivery back to your home. When requesting delivery, please allow for approximately one week lead time for scheduling. Please be sure to advise, if full pack back services are needed.

Disposal Of Damaged Items

Once your non salvageable/total loss list has been fully reviewed and completed, we can offer disposal services of items, with your written permission. Otherwise, items may be delivered back to you upon completion.

Offering 3D Matterport Scanning – Virtual Tours

As an AIMC – Matterport Certified Specialist, we are able to scan the home documenting the degree of damages prior to mitigation services taking place. Properly documenting the loss site assists in the mitigation process, maintaining content integrity as well as a visual resource in the rebuild process. Xactimate sketch available upon request.

Industry Affiliates

Contractor, Carrier, Adjuster, etc.

As claim details for the contractor and adjuster may vary a bit, please see our Quick Reference Guide below to review specific service details.

Brighleaf Textile Restoration partners with virtually all insurance carriers and restoration contractors throughout Northern California.Brightleaf has also been chosen as the preferred textile vendor for many of these companies.

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